Youtube Star Kevin Samuels

Youtube Star Kevin Samuels A Georgia medical examiner determined that YouTube personality Kevin Samuels died of hypertension.

Authorities say Samuels, 53, died unexpectedly on May 5 after complaining of chest pains and collapsing. His flat was searched and he was rushed to a hospital, but he was declared dead upon arrival.

Youtube Star Kevin Samuels
Youtube Star Kevin Samuels

E! News broke the news of the findings of Chief Medical Examiner Karen E. Sullivan on Monday.

According to the July 14 report, Kevin Samuels died of hypertension (high blood pressure).”

In this case, the death was ruled as a result of natural causes.

In addition to his YouTube channel, Samuels has 1.4 million subscribers. His views on gender were frequently interpreted as attacks on women by his detractors.

After calling women over 35 who are single and unmarried “leftovers” in a video he posted in April, an uproar erupted online. Other videos served as a forum for evaluating the looks of ladies. Many have called attention to the media’s sexist tone.

But his followers have hailed him as having the courage of his convictions in a period of cancel culture.

Multiple publications have stated that the cause of death of YouTuber Kevin Samuels has been determined..

According to an autopsy obtained by E! News on Monday, the controversial online celebrity died on May 5 from hypertension. NBC News and ABC station WSB-TV also claimed that the death was ruled natural.

Neither the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office nor PEOPLE were able to provide a comment at this time.

According to Rolling Stone, Samuels is 56 years old, and the police have already established that he was born in 1965.

According to the Atlanta Police Department, Samuels died after collapsing on a lady he met the night before due to chest problems. Before the singer was declared dead, officials say, they attempted life-saving efforts.

There were more than 1 million subscribers to Samuels’ YouTube channel. Samuels’ YouTube account has over 800 videos, many of which have received hundreds of thousands of views. His videos have been criticised for being misogynistic in some quarters.

Youtube Star Kevin Samuels
Youtube Star Kevin Samuels

“Modern women charge for submission,” according to Samuels, in a video posted on YouTube on April 27.

According to a female acquaintance who saw Samuels’s death, the image consultant had complained of chest issues before falling in his Manhattan residence.

Irregular rhythms are all over him!” It’s here! He’s inhaling and exhaling, but his breaths are erratic. It’s most likely his heart,” she said in a two-minute-long phone call leaked in the days following Samuels’ death, according to the New York Daily News.

The lady, who described herself as a nurse, said, “He’s not going to make it.” The colour of his skin is changing to a deep shade of blue. My patience is running out!”

To put things in perspective, the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office announced its findings on Monday, more than two months after Samuels’ untimely passing.

NBC News quotes Samuels-Burch as saying she learnt of her son’s murder on social media when reports of his death began to spread.

The social media community did a terrible thing by putting things out there. I didn’t even know about it. Her response was, “I hadn’t even been informed.” It’s nothing more than a plea for prayers on my part.

“Regarding a person hurt,” the Atlanta Police Department stated police were summoned to an East Paces Ferry Road NE residence on May 5. Arriving cops saw emergency personnel doing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on an unconscious individual they subsequently identified as Samuels.

According to a police report, a lady who was with Samuels reported that he had complained of chest symptoms and that she tried to rescue him but he fell. The woman dialled 911 right away. He was later transferred to Piedmont Hospital for treatment.

When it came to dating advice, the YouTube star was renowned for his scathing opinions. Last week, his remarks on single women over 35 years old, whom he called “leftover ladies,” set the internet on fire.

Youtube Star Kevin Samuels
Youtube Star Kevin Samuels

Beverly Samuels-Birch, his mother, expressed her sadness when she learned of her son’s death via social media shortly after his passing. The only thing I’m doing is praying that people pray for us,” she remarked at the time.

Specifically, the left and right ventricles were thicker than normal, a disease known as ventricular hypertrophy, according to the chief examiner.

Amiodarone, used to treat irregular cardiac rhythms, and atenolol (used to treat high blood pressure) were discovered in his system, the toxicology report reads.

Researchers estimate that 55% of black Americans have hypertension, which is higher than that of other Americans and individuals of African origin across the world.

Nigerians with high blood pressure are more likely to die unexpectedly, with the average age of death being 52, and heart failure the most prevalent cause of death, according to a research in 2019.

Racism and segregation, as well as limited access to medical treatment, medicine, and nutritious diet are potential factors in the development of hypertension in Black Americans.

Youtube Star Kevin Samuels
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