Nadège St-philippe Son âge

Nadège St-philippe Son âge – Nadège St-Philippe, who passed away on Saturday at the age of 47 from colon cancer, was the one who had been a weather presenter for the TVA channel for many years.

In 2006, she became a member of the network. In 2011, she received a diagnosis of colon cancer in the stage 3 advanced stage, which she fought for several years. Due to the new form of cancer that she was diagnosed with in December 2021, she was had to put an immediate halt to all of her career endeavours before beginning chemotherapy treatment.

Nadège St-philippe Son âge
Nadège St-philippe Son âge

“Nadège was well-known for the extraordinary kindness and generosity with which she always conducted herself. According to a statement made by TVA in a news release, “it marked our audience and the members of our team for more than fifteen years.”

The news of Ms. St-disappearance Philippe’s brought sorrow to a number of prominent members of society. “I’m sorry to hear that. “This is a wonderful young woman who is leaving us much too soon,” wrote Valérie Plante, the mayor of Montreal. “I will miss her very much.”

Dominique Anglade, the head of the Liberal Party in Quebec, also extended her sympathies to Ms. St-family Philippe’s and said, “How sad. My deepest condolences go out to Nadège’s spouse, as well as her family and other loved ones. Getting through the rest will require a lot of love and certainly a lot of courage.

We are at a loss for words to adequately explain how devastated we are by Nadège’s passing; she will undoubtedly leave a significant hole in our lives. According to the website of TVA Nouvelles, “We are losing a colleague who is extremely dear to us, but also a friend of the great TVA family.”

Since 2006, Nadège St-Philippe has worked as a meteorologist for TVA Group. In 2011, she received the news that she had colon cancer in the stage three advanced stage. She was a fitness coach, as well as a jewellery designer, and she was 47 years old.

Nadège St-philippe Son âge
Nadège St-philippe Son âge

Fight against cancer.

In the fall of 2016, Nadège St. Philippe underwent surgery to have a polyp, which is a growth made of tissue, removed from her gut. An operation that at first gave her a sense of relief. She stated this to La Semaine magazine, and it was covered by other news outlets. “I persuaded myself that all of that was behind me,” she said. However, the respite was just temporary. After a few weeks, there was a drop in the number of new cancer diagnoses. She reported to La Semaine that all of the analyses backed up her claims. Therefore, despite the wonderful responsibilities that have been handed to me, I have no choice but to take a hiatus from my work life in order to prioritise my health.

In March of this year, she expressed her desire to be free of it on her Instagram account, writing, “In less than 6 months, if all goes well, I will announce the rain and the pleasant weather,” highlighting the fact that she hoped to do so.

The following day, June 7, Nadège St. Philippe announced the news once more on her Instagram page, this time quoting from Psalm 91: “He will cover you with his feathers, and you will find refuge under his wings.” Her post was filled with photos of herself, the view from her hospital room, and the vista outside her window. She told them, “Your prayers have been heard.” I suffer less . You won’t have to worry about my health when I get back to you. I hope you have an amazing. Xxx. Thanks again. »

Nadège St-philippe Son âge
Nadège St-philippe Son âge

A remembrance posted online

On social networks, several people, including a great number of her former coworkers and prominent political personalities, have paid respect to Nadège St-Philippe.

On Twitter, the Premier of the Canadian province of Quebec expressed his sympathy, writing, “What sad news.” Her being there brought a ray of sunshine to the situation in Quebec, and the region will certainly miss her.

Nadège St-philippe Son âge

Nadège St-philippe Son âge
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