Funny Mike Net Worth 2022

Funny Mike Net Worth 2022 -American emcee/comedian/vlogger/YouTuber/prankster/social-media celebrity who raps and performs on the internet. It doesn’t matter what you name him, FunnyMike is a highly successful person. 2022 estimates the net worth of FunnyMike to be $ 3 million.

Funny Mike Net Worth 2022
Funny Mike Net Worth 2022

In addition to being a rapper and comedian, he is a YouTuber, vlogger, prankster, and social media star from the United States. FunnyMike is a multi-talented entertainer who has achieved enormous popularity. He has a huge social media following, with over 9 million YouTube followers across his two channels.

It’s a huge accomplishment for him because the majority of his YouTube videos have more than one million views. No indications of stopping down for FunnyMike’s true name MacArthur Johnson. His successful songs including “Jumpin,”

“Mama Whooped My Ass,” and “Small WeeWee” helped him gain notoriety in the music business as well as on social media.

It’s predicted that FunnyMike’s net worth would be about $ 3 million US by 2022. Rapper, YouTuber, and social media celebrity he is one of the most promising emerging talents in the United States. FunnyMike earns almost $50,000 every month.

His YouTube channels, where he has millions of subscribers and daily views in the millions, are where he makes the bulk of his money. His money comes from a variety of areas, including the music business, comedy gigs, brand sponsorships, and more.

Funny Mike Net Worth 2022
Funny Mike Net Worth 2022

Every year since he appeared on the television show “Wild’n Out,” his net worth has increased. FunnyMike earns a whopping $480,000 a year. MacArthur Johnson was the previous stage name of comedian Funny Mike. He was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on October 8th, 1996.

Both he and his younger brother, Wings, went to Tara High School. As soon as he got his degree, he started making Vine videos and sharing them with the world.

In 2016, he will begin uploading videos on YouTube. The two things he wanted most in life were to be able to express himself and have fun doing it.

He had no clue that his videos would be seen by millions of people all around the world when they went viral. RUNIK IS FIGHTING CANCER is Mike’s debut video. This film was made in honour of Runik, a close friend who was through chemotherapy at the time.

Over 2 million people have seen the footage of him saving his friend’s life. In the future, Funny Mike would continue to share content ranging from pranks on pals to surprises for his fiancée.

Funny To make fun of the Atlanta rapper 21 Savage, Mike would play around with humorous rapping, calling himself “22 Savage” and referring to himself as such.

There have been more than 15 22 Savage songs published after the release of No Heart in 2016, all of which have received millions of views on YouTube.

Like Kyle Foregard, he became a YouTube sensation after a brief time as a rapper, and now has over 6 million subscribers.

He’s thought to have a fortune of at least a few million dollars. About $ 3 million is predicted to be FunnyMike’s wealth in 2022. One of the most well-known emerging rappers, YouTubers, and social media stars in the United States despite his young age.

An average month for FunnyMike brings him well over $40,000 in profits. For him, it’s all about his YouTube channels, which have millions of subscribers and millions of daily viewers. Some of his sources of income include in the music and stand-up comedy industries, as well as corporate sponsorships.

Since appearing in the comedy series “Wild’s Out,” his net worth has increased year after year. Every year, FunnyMike makes more than $500,000 in profit.

Funny Mike Net Worth 2022
Funny Mike Net Worth 2022

“I Broke My Lil Brother 2K18 Game,” “The Bad & Good Kids Boxing Match,” and “I Bought Jay Some Fake Jordans” are among the most popular videos on Mike’s channel.

‘Woo Had A Boxing Match & I Got Kicked Out Of My Mansion’ is the title of his most recent video. Over 1 million people have viewed the video since it was posted on April 12, 2021.

He also has a joint YouTube channel with his ex-girlfriend Jaliyah called “MJ Family” in addition to his own solo channel. The pair runs a YouTube channel full of prank films. In spite of this, they are no longer present in the channel.

In November 2020, they recorded their final video together. Video titled “Truth or Drink, Exposing Ourselves to Friends” was released on November 13, 2020.

Funny In addition to being a talented songwriter, Mike is also a talented vocalist. In 2016, he released his debut project, dubbed “Savage Mode.” Until June 2018, he released his music under the name 22 Savage. In May of this year, under the stage name Funny Mike,

he had a smash success with the song “Small WeeWee.” In November 2020, he published “vlog city,” his most current tune. Jaliyah Monet, the girlfriend of Funny Mike,

has apparently broken up with him. According to rumours, Jaliyah and Mike broke up because of Mike’s alleged infidelity. In a video that can be accessed on YouTube, Mike explains why he ended his relationship with Jaliyah. After his video went viral, many began to assume that he preferred money above his ex-girlfriend.

Funny Mike Net Worth 2022
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